To make sustainable food experiences enjoyable while raising the quality of life for our stakeholders and in doing so make the world more sustainable one SKU at a time


Transform our food system for a more inclusive and sustainable world. The world will be better, our producers will be better, and our customers will be better


To be a leading food manufacturer and distributor in Southeast Asia​

      NR Instant Produce PCL. is a leading southeast Asuan food manufacturer and distributor based in Thailand, where the company was founded in 1991.

      NRF has taken a journey from a small grass- roots company, to a small shophouse factory and has now developed into an international business, with a strong-willed strategy to produce high qualily, affordable goods that people want and that align with our ethics.

      We now work out of a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Samut Sakhon where we produce our own signature brands, private label products and co-packing lines. NR has A workforce more than 700 peoples who are all dedicated to maintaining our ethos and improving the lives of those in the local community.

      Since 2017 we’ve been under the ownership of Hatton Capital Partners, a Hong Kong-bases investment organization, who are also highly committed to the food and agricultural industries, and we are confident that together we have the means to continue to grow and establish a better future.


Our story


Open a factory
The first in Bangkok


Open the market for
the first time at the United States


Launch of "Por Kwan" brand
in the UK

2546 - 2560

Expansion to more than
25 countries around the world


Invest in business funds
for plant-protein


Investment was made to buy City Foods Thailand and invested more in the plant protein business.


Launched the brand "Ph Kwan"
in Thailand for the first time